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Practice your complete and harmonious self

Coaching is a journey filled with self exploration, an opportunity to break down barriers that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential. It is an efficient process to move you to your desired state, your new you. Efficient because inevitably, working with me as your coach, speeds the voyage along. The synergies created between us provides a new playing field to move forward, that cannot be found when embracing change alone.

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Parenting challenges? Young adult teetering on finding your place? Seeking a Montessori expert?


My experience as a Montessori school founder/teacher and as a professional coach will benefit you in answering those questions.  Working with me will jumpstart your efforts towards your desired objectives. Specialising in family dynamics and contexts, reach out for an informational call on how we can work together.

Whether you are launching a new project, desiring a change in lifestyle, being the best parent, or you are a young adult on the spring board to life, I am passionate about helping you unlock your potential.

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As a Certified yoga teacher, I have witnessed that the experiences occurring on the mat are a reflection of life. YOGA MAT = LIFE

This unique approach to develop self awareness by combining both coaching and yoga simply works as they are synonymous. In yoga; movement, breathwork and meditation will guide you towards an inner journey of self discovery.  These tools can be instrumental in accompanying you in a compassionate approach to making changes in your life. Prajna means wisdom in sanskrit. Prajna yoga is an opportunity to seek the wisdom in you


Small groups to better accompany you on your journey of being a mindfulparent. Oneness coaching workshops are to help you become your desired version of parenting


Vinyasa class in Nernier on Wednesdays at 18h

Vinyasa class in Nernier on Sundays at 10h00

"Attentive, empathetic, and definitely rooting for you, Chantal draws on a range of experience and interests to help you understand where you are, where you'd like to be and guide you in plotting out the best path and way to get there."


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Passionate about guiding people to unlock their full potential, whether through yoga practice, coaching or both, I will be with you every step of the way in your personalized journey. 


Contact me to schedule an appointment and determine your unique journey package to unlocking you.

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