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Coaching is a journey that will efficiently bring you to your objectives and goals.

Whether as an individual journey or a family journey, the packages are comprised of 6 minimum sessions and a maximum of 10 sessions.

A 10 session journey includes a 60 minute private yoga class.

Book a free 30 minute introductory call today to find out more


Private classes up to 4 people 100CH

Group classes are 15CH

Studio classes in Nernier at la ferme d'Antioche


Early childhood education expert

I provide services to early childhood education centers interested in adapting their approach with the Montessori method through personalised training sessions to the stakeholders.

I accompany teachers who want to improve their skills and teaching approach in their classroom through coaching.

I consult with directors/teams who want to open a school or in their current school as a consultant

Contact me for a quote.

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