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What if parenting came with a how to manual?  Working with a parental coach will help you develop the necessary strategies to help you cope with the different developmental stages of your child.  Just when the day to day seems to be stable and you feel in control again, what has been working fine suddenly becomes obsolete, which can leave you destabilised and ineffective in creating the family atmosphere you strive for.

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Different developmental stages necessitate different strategies. By the age of two, children begin their road towards autonomy with affirming their opposition as they are creating their own persona. 

By age 6, the age of reason arrives, where the child will develop their moral standards and ask the bigger questions.

And then, the pre-teens and teenage years, which bring tumultuous dynamics into the family environment.

And if your child is highly sensitive/gifted, everything is exponential.

Different stages, different strategies

As a parent, we can easily become overwhelmed in knowing how to best accompany our child. Quite frequently, solutions can be found for the struggling child with outside help, however, the parent is left on the sidelines without clear guidelines to complement at home.

Here's how I can help:

The adolescent stage is naturally comprised of risk-taking, impulsivity and emotional reactivity. I can help young adults and parents navigate the unique challenges of this period by using research based coaching techniques by Isabelle Filliozat.

My approach is designed to foster resilience, optimism, social/emotional competencies and problem-solving skills​ based on my background as a NLP practitioner, with my Non Violent Communication training, Emotional Intelligence and years as a Montessori educator.

Young adults

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By reaching out, you’ve completed 50% of the way.  It’s usually at this point when we begin to encounter obstacles such as self doubt, not knowing which direction to take, or challenges that question our desired state.  As we go through a change of identity; a more mindful parent, a new career/a first career, a new project, optimining existing relationships, what we see is the tip of the iceberg.  However, what can keep us from reaching our goals is what is hidden below, what we are not aware of.  


Whether it is self limiting beliefs, fear, repetitive patterns of behavior or lack of confidence, to name a few, working with a coach will increase your self awareness and allow you to discover your rich inner world. We will explore together to break through exactly what is keeping you from being who you want to be. 

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Improve family balance

Communication is the tool to reduce family conflicts and improve family dynamics. Through active listening, positive discipline, emotional intelligence and non-violent communication, We can work together to improve home life.

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Parenting workshops

Become mindful of your parental and communication style and your values as a parent. This program is an opportunity to delve deeply into what parenting represents for you. Become a conscious and mindful parent in your communication and interactions within your family through moments of reflection, exercises, discussions and tools development to facilitate your daily life.

Life Coaching

Coaching is a journey filled with self exploration, an opportunity to break down barriers that have been holding you back in reaching your full potential.

Whether you are launching a new project, desiring a change in lifestyle, being the best parent, or you are a young adult on the spring board to life, working with me will jumpstart your efforts towards your desired objectives.


 Schools/training centers/daycares:

Workshops, training sessions, conferences, coaching sessions specially for parents, teachers and school directors on the themes of Montessori education, parenting, Social Emotional Learning, teambuilding, skills building are available.

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I am trained as a professional coach, in Non Violent Communication, in Neuro Linguistic Programming (Technician, enrolled in practician program), in Montessori education from 3 to 12 years old and yoga, and with over 13 years of practical experience in running a Montessori school. I combine these different tools in accompanying parents/adolescents/families in English and French.

Mother of a young adult at University and teenager in high school, I have myself travelled the different stages of development from babies to young adult as a parent.  Both of my children being highly sensitive, gifted young adults, parenting was not always straightforward. Each challenge led me to learn more about myself and developing strategies to best accompany my son and daughter.


As a family coach, if I can improve family connection, a teenager feeling understood or a parent feeling less overwhelmed, the journey would be a successful one.

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Meet your coach

A video interview with me.

"I’d recommend the challenging, revealing and thoughtful coaching journey Chantal takes you on to anyone."



A unique approach to develop self awareness by combining both worlds as they are synonymous. In yoga; movement, breathwork and meditation will guide you towards an inner journey of self discovery.  These tools can be instrumental in accompanying you in a compassionate approach to making changes.


Prajna means wisdom in Sanskrit.  The wisdom is inside of you. Through movement, we can liberate the body and the mind and them available for welcoming change by calming the nervous system. Our nervous system is how we experience the world, fresh and rested, our mind is alert, clear and receptive to undergo a stimulating coaching session.

Starting your coaching session with a yoga practice will optimize your state of being to embrace change.


Contact me to schedule an appointment and determine your unique journey package to unlocking you.

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