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Vinyasa yoga is movement meditation, linking each posture to the breath.  It’s a dance with yourself, in which, you slow down or speed up as you become attuned intuitively to your body. Each posture flows from one to another, on instinct.


During the practice, I like to create mind/body/heart/breath connection at the beginning, to see where we are, at that moment. So Ham. I slowly wake the body through postures that allow for energy to flow, the heart to open, the mind to calm, the muscles to stretch and the breath to stabilize. After exploring balance, going within, breathwork and meditation, we conclude with observing the same connection we started with. So Ham. I am.


Sundays 10h30 in Nernier, bilingual class

Wednesdays 18h in Nernier, bilingual class



A unique approach to develop self awareness by combining both worlds as they are synonymous. In yoga; movement, breathwork and meditation will guide you towards an inner journey of self discovery.  These tools can be instrumental in accompanying you in a compassionate approach to making changes.


Prajna means wisdom in Sanskrit.  The wisdom is inside of you. Through movement, we can liberate the body and the mind to make them available for welcoming change by calming the nervous system. Our nervous system is how we experience the world, fresh and rested, our mind is alert, clear and receptive to undergo a stimulating coaching session.


Yoga and coaching workshop in French.

ANCRAGE: 2 jours de travail personnel à travers des pratiques de yoga et de coaching afin de découvrir et solidifier vos points d'ancrage. Un voyage sensoriel qui vous mènera vers une comprehension de vous même plus profonde afin de mieux appréhender les fluctuations de la vie et du quotidien et maintenir votre cap.


ALIGNEMENT: 2 jours de travail personnel à travers des pratiques de yoga et de coaching afin de vous aligner à votre verticalité, à vos valeurs et dans le respect de votre équilibre. Un voyage sensoriel de centrage pour faciliter les prises de décisions dans votre quotidien.

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