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Parental Workshops? A Parental Coach? But for who?

Let's be honest, parenting is not always a walk in the park. It's downright hard. Regularly, we are faced with feeling powerless, lack of understanding, feeling lost, in front of our child, no matter what age, Then, let's add the stress and fatigue of the day and we got ourselves a very unappetising situation.

Do you recognize your triggers?

You know, those moments when you feel the heat rising, chest tightening and next thing you know, reactive words fly out of your mouth.

Well, have you taken the time to step back and ask yourself "why does this situation put me in this emotional state?" Beyond the simple fact of wanting your child to "obey" or do what you asked.

But actually, have you thought about what you are expecting from your child is simply not realistic based on the stage of development?

Because, your child's brain is not the same as the adult brain, with all the capacities of reasoning and logic. What I frequently observe during my parent workshops or coaching sessions, is the gap between parent expectations and child capacities based on the state of his brain development. This gap creates a huge source of frustration for the adult and for the child.

ok, but honestly, my parents didn't worry about all of this stuff and I turned out fine, so why should I ask myself these questions?

I often hear this during parent-teacher conferences, workshops and individual coaching sessions. The answer is simply, evolution. Look around and take into account how the world has evolved since your parents' time as parents. Technology, medical advances, transportation, communication, professional environment, education, just to name a few, have changed drastically. Face it, your child is not growing up in your same world, so, necessarily, parenting needs to evolve in order to be in phase with the reality your child is facing to better prepare them for what is to come. We upgrade our phones, softwares all the time, it's time to upgrade parenting.

Great news, you're not alone!

What has also evolved is the accessibility to parenting experts like myself. People dedicated to accompanying parents such as yourself to increase the well being in the family cluster are just a phone call, zoom call or visit away. So, what are you waiting for?

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