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To ask you:

Are you managing your child/teen with conscience, or are you triggered by your past?

Very often, when we face our offspring, no matter what age, our disagreements are triggered by words, attitude or acts linked to our own desired result.

Where does this trigger come from? really

If your answer is "it's just because....", then it's worth to go digging deeper.

But, this takes time!

Yes, parenting consciously take more time.

Good news! It's not that long.

Only the time it takes for one breath, that can provide enough space for us to question our reaction. And make a choice on how we want to manage the situation, a choice that is based upon who is our child and not our own inner child or the program we received from our parents/family culture.

Be the parent for your child and heal your inner child at the same time. It's possible, you want to know how?

That's why I am here, to help you journey in your parenting journey.

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