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The Key to Getting Your Children to Listen and Respect You

This is a common problem my clients come to me with. So, why won't children listen? It's often see as the children's fault or problem. Life would be so much simpler if they listened, there would not be any conflicts, frustrations and family vibes would be so much more pleasant.

What if the problem was not the children?

Really, great, now it's the parents' fault. WAIT!!! Don't stop reading. That's not what I am saying.

It all boils down to limits

And this is also a common misconception of what "limits" actually mean, how they are utilised in children's education, and the role of parenting/educators/responsible adults.

This is where a parental coach can come and help

Just this morning, one of my clients let me know her 3 year old has stopped her fits since the Mom provided clearer limits. There's a radical change in the family dynamics after over one year of difficult, emotional melt downs.

We work together to find the solutions that fit the family culture

I do not have the answers for you, however, together, through my experience and knowledge, the answers emerge saving time, energy and a lot of aggravation that could lead to parental burnout.

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